Welcome to Wellington Rabbit Rescue

We are a non profit rabbit rescue group. We aim to take on unwanted, neglected or stray rabbits and educate the public on rabbit welfare.

Update on “bunny Bingo’ Promotion

A number of you were alarmed at a promotion held over the Easter break, where the prize was a living rabbit and the accessories pictured. The promotion advertising was taken down after a number of you wrote to the parties concerned.

Unfortunately, the promotion proceeded, and the rabbit was given as a prize. We have been informed that the rabbit is with experienced rabbit owners.

Wellington Rabbit Rescue wrote an open letter to Mitre 10, Wet Pets, and More FM Manawatu outlining our concerns, and offering assistance to the rabbit’s new family (a copy of our care guide, and an offer to desex and vaccinate their new family member). We also sought an undertaking from all parties that this type of promotion would not happen again in the future.

We are pleased to announce that Mitre 10 have responded to our open letter. They have provided the family with a larger hutch, and will pay for desex and vaccination. In addition, they have assured us that they will not run a promotion like this again in any of their stores. We commend Mitre 10 for stepping up and taking action to ensure the family and their new family member have support.

WRR will be sending some items from our sponsors @foragenz and @harringtonspetfoodnz along with our care guide. We will also offer to take the rabbit should the family no longer be able to care for it.

We would like to thank everyone who commented and wrote to the parties concerned regarding this promotion, and also thank again Mitre 10 for taking action.

A copy of the WRR Open Letter and the response from Mitre can be found at the links below:

2nd Update on “bunny Bingo’ Promotion

Over the past couple of weeks we have been talking with More FM regarding the ‘Bunny Bingo’ promotion.

More FM have met internally to discuss this promotion. As a result, More FM has advised us they will review their current policy regarding these types of promotions.

WRR is keen to ensure that this type of promotion no longer takes place and are pleased that More FM are reviewing their policies.

We would also like to acknowledge and commend the More FM policy that no longer supports rodeo events. This is a great step toward ensuring that animal welfare is a consideration in commercial and promotional advertising.