Adoption Policy:

Here are some things you need to know before adopting from Wellington Rabbit Rescue! At Wellington Rabbit Rescue we make a commitment for life. This means that every bunny that comes through and gets adopted, MUST be returned to us if you can no longer care for him. This is VERY important.

All of our rabbits are neutered/spayed and vaccinated BEFORE going to their forever homes. We prefer to adopt to people who also have spayed/neutered rabbits and we urge you to get this done before finding a companion for your rabbit. We can give you a list of rabbit savvy vets in your area.

To adopt through Wellington Rabbit Rescue you will need to have an inspection of your yard/enclosure/room to ensure it is big enough and secure enough from predators. (This may be done via photos in most cases). We prefer free-range homes, but we will also accept large fenced off areas of your house or property. This must be at the very minimum 2 metres by 2 metres with at least 1.5 metres height - AT ALL TIMES. There must be a warm dry shelter of at least 60cmx60cm. You also must have some kind of enrichment equipment / things for your rabbits to jump on and off. If you want to find out ways to build a nice safe (and large) area for your bunny - please get in touch we are more than happy to help. There are some very cost-effective ways to do this.

We only rehome rabbits in pairs, unless of course they are going to be a companion to your existing rabbit! We feel it’s not fair to keep a rabbit all on his own as they are very social creatures and thrive with their own kind for company. We cannot speak the same language as them (as hard as we try) so it's important they have a bond partner. If you are adopting a rabbit as a companion for your existing rabbit then you will need to bring them out to have a meet & greet with any WRR rabbit you would like to adopt, in some cases we may be able to bring a potential friend to you if your bunny does not travel well. This meeting is to ensure they will get along, we will then give you advice on bonding, and be with you every step of the way.

Rabbits can live until they are 10-12 years. You need to be ready to care for your rabbit for this long. This includes annual health checks and vaccinations.

Our adoption fee is $85 for one rabbit or $150 for a pair. This money goes towards the cost of desexing, vaccinations & other veterinary costs while in our care.

Available For Adoption:

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